The possibilities of garden designs and styles are infinite and below are just a few examples. Click on any of the picture groups to see more detail of each particular garden - plans, plant lists and more perspective drawings.
There are no specific designs for waterwise gardens - most designs can be adjusted to reduce the water usage. The one single element that requires a lot of water is a lawn and the water requirements of a garden can be greatly reduced by simply replacing the lawn, or a large part of it, with paving, gravel or a less thirsty ground cover.
An African garden for Bateleur Bastion, Wapadrand
A minimalist garden in green and white for Midstream Estate
Two concept designs for Kingfisher Crescent, Willow Acres
A garden without a lawn
Herb gardens
Two concept designs for Kruin Street
A colourful and unconventional garden for Oudeberg Avenue, Waterkloof Ridge