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organic / inorganic
I am a self-taught artist based in Pretoria. My father, a palaeontologist, exposed me at a young age to bones, stones, prehistory and history. I can vividly remember myself as a young boy, holding the skull of Mrs. Ples in my hands, my imagination taking me back to times when these creatures walked the earth. My fascination with especially human prehistory, evolution, spirituality, religion and the conflicts inherent therein forms the basis and inspiration for my art.
I have worked in various mediums like bronze, sheet metal and resin, but I found my true home in the earth itself - ceramic clay, working this pliant substance, this flesh of the earth between my bare hands like the most primitive man must have done. Working with something akin to the 'primal mud', the ancestral clay, becoming godlike in this process of creating. Here are ancient rites and sacrifice entwined in myth and mind and presented in a modern milieu, in a vernacular of clay words. The skulls buried at the gates, unearthed.
Each of my pieces are one-offs, individually made and finished by myself, using paper clay and sparsely applied oxides, without the assistance of labourers or factory processes, to achieve a contemporary yet primitive feel.
Lately I have turned to painting as well, where, instead of working
with the earth, I describe it and the cattle walking on it. I extended my approach of simplicity of form and frank, unaffected technique, resulting in elemental mindscapes and cattle portraits, pared down to its essence.

"The art world was our conceptual oyster, and we ate it raw." David Sedaris - 'Twelve Moments in the Life of the Artist'

All requests for personalised designs are welcome.
organic / inorganic clay beads skull & horns skull & horns

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